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Thank You Pharmacy Providers of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Pharmacists Helping Pharmacists (OPHP) would like to extend a sincere thank you to the current and past leadership of PPOK and their support of OPHP’s mission. The late Bryan Potter and Lonny Wilson and current CEO/Executive Director of PPOK, John Crumly, have all been extremely supportive of OPHP. This support is one of many examples of PPOK’s support and advancement of the pharmacy profession in Oklahoma.

In the early 1990’s PPOK donated money to OPHP to assist in the startup of this new peer assistance organization that over the years has assisted many hundreds of pharmacists, student pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, saving their lives and careers, and OPHP will continue to identify and assist many others in the future.

PPOK purchased the Oklahoma Pharmacists Association building at 52nd & Oklahoma, in Oklahoma City, OK and then provided office space at no cost to OPHP and continue to do so at PPOK’s new location, 3000 E. Memorial Rd., Edmond, OK 73013.

PPOK provides OPHP access to their conference room for our monthly OPHP Board of Director’s meetings which is invaluable to OPHP.  The continued success of OPHP can in part be attributed to the support of PPOK.

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Recovery Treatment

The goals and objectives of OPHP are to eliminate alcohol and drug abuse among pharmacists and student pharmacists through education about chemical dependency as a disease.

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Addiction Recovery

Our primary objective is treatment and recovery. Decisions and actions by the recovering pharmacist or student pharmacist are not reported to the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy (OSBP) or Academic Dean through cooperatively working with OPHP. 

In the event of a prolonged relapse, our contract with the pharmacist or student pharmacist is terminated and we are mandated to notify the OSBP orAcademic Dean.

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Our Recovery Process

How Recovery Works at OPHP

Consultation and Assessment

The first step is to assess if you need treatment. We only enroll those who need treatment.

Enrollment in Our Treatment Program

Once you're qualified, we work with you to complete enrollment and create a treatment plan.

Participate in All Treatment Activities

Recovery requires active participation in all activities that are a part of your treatment plan.

Active, Ongoing Recovery Effort

After treatment, you'll have the resources, skills, and support you need to pursue recovery.


Recovery Tips

Family Relationships

Most people who begin treatment have strained family relationships that are a source of profound anxiety and stress. We help you develop the skills and work to heal those relationships throughout treatment.

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