OPHP covers the cost of each assessment for substance use disorder and other co-occurring issues for student pharmacists referred to OPHP. An average assessment cost to OPHP is $600 – $1000.

Annually OPHP grants scholarships for up to 10 student pharmacists 5 from The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy and 5 from Southwestern Oklahoma State University College of Pharmacy and OPHP participants to the American Pharmacist Association (APhA) Institute on Substance Use Disorder at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT. Each scholarship cost OPHP at least $1000, and covers registration, airfare and room cost. OPHP feels the knowledge these student pharmacists and participants gain is invaluable. Each return back to Oklahoma and their respective Colleges of Pharmacy or work site with much more insight of the impact of substance use disorder on the pharmacy profession.

Often the student pharmacist will bring ideas back that are beneficial to their respective College of Pharmacy on policy dealing with substance use disorder and co-occurring issues in their College of Pharmacy. OPHP feels that education is the key. Also, OPHP understands financial hardship that some new OPHP participants may deal with. Often in substance use disorder and/or co-occurring issue financial resources have been blown through by the pharmacist, student pharmacist or pharmacy technician.

OPHP offers scholarships to OPHP participants in cases of financial hardship based on demonstrated need, and the OPHP participant’s drug screen cost and OPHP monthly administrative cost is covered by OPHP.

OPHP never wants to price anyone out of recovery. Please if you would click on the donate button now and make your donation, I assure you it would be put to good use helping a pharmacist, student pharmacists or pharmacy technician with the recovery process. If you feel that you can’t make one lump sum payment and it would better fit your budget please consider making a monthly or quarterly donation to OPHP by using the drop down list under frequency. No contribution is too small.

Thank you.