San Leu

Sam Leu, D.Ph., President OPHP

I grew up in Alva, Oklahoma, and lived there until I completed 3 years of college at NWOSU with a science/chemistry background and decided to go to pharmacy school at the University of Oklahoma. I graduated from OU College of pharmacy in 1977 and took my first job in Broken Bow, Oklahoma at Walmart pharmacy. I have had the opportunity to work in many different areas of pharmacy in my 43 years of being a licensed Pharmacist in Oklahoma. I have worked retail (chain and private-owned) hospital (small and large) and  I am currently employed by Pharmcare USA as a consultant pharmacist for the last 12 years. 

I have been married to Jennifer Brandenburg Leu for 50 wonderful years. We have 3 boys and 8 incredible grandchildren and 1 brand new great-granddaughter. Our life revolves around our kids and our grandkids just trying to keep up with their activities.

I am passionate about OPHP because it is the source of my trying, but wonderful life of living life sober and honestly. Early in my pharmacy career, I was blessed with the opportunity to change my lifestyle with the guidance of concerned professionals involved with OPHP in the early years of this program like Marti Jones. I was fortunate enough to be able to understand what I needed to do to turn my life around with a program of absolute honesty and faith in God and guidance from other health care professionals who were already involved with this incredible organization. I have 25 years of solid sobriety because of the guidance from OPHP and the never-ending support of my wonderful wife Jennifer.

OPHP certainly saved my life and has given me the opportunity to help new pharmacists that get caught up in the struggles of addiction. I believe in what OPHP is about. Over time OPHP has become an effective route to recovery for the struggling pharmacist. Kevin Rich, our board administrator, has an incredible passion for this sobriety that we are all working on daily to keep our lives being productive. His guidance keeps us focused on doing what is best for any struggling pharmacist that becomes active with OPHP. The guidance from OPHP saved my life, so I remain dedicated to helping as many people as I can who struggle with sobriety  Helping others is how we help ourselves……that is how it works.